We had a nice Christmas concert this morning and I’m going to a Christmas tea this afternoon. I made a good amount of progress on #2 son’s sweater yesterday (I’m doing the sleeves two at a time, and am about 7″ into the them) and hope to make some more progress this evening. I wrapped up my other knitted gifts and put them under the tree, changed the regular dishes out for the Christmas ones, and set up the creche

It feels like Christmas.

I learned today that I’ll be singing a solo on Christmas Eve, so I need to decide what to sing. Tough decision! There are so many beautiful songs… I’m thinking about Panis Angelicus because a) it’s lovely, b) it’s familiar enough for people to enjoy yet not so well known that they’ll be tired of it, and c) I own the music in a good key. That’s Pavarotti singing it, but Josh Groban did it very beautifully on his Noel album, and Renee Fleming is another fine choice. If the Cheetah Girls have done it, or Andy Williams, or someone like that, I think you should skip it.

Thomas Aquinas wrote this piece, and Cesar Franck arranged it. #2 daughter and I have done this as a duet many times; unfortunately, she will still be at work when I sing it on Christmas Eve.