I’m “reading” a book comprised of photos of every single thing the author ate for an entire year.

This book is limited as to plot.

However, I was wondering what it would be like. It seems like a monumental task, to remember to photograph everything you eat for a year.

So I did it for a day, yesterday. Here you go.


4:30 a.m., cinnamon pecan waffles with blueberries and tea, at home.


9:30 a.m, ham and cheese roll at home, with the boys.


12:30, quiche florentine, potatoes, sausage, bacon, melon, blueberry muffin, and coffee at the American Association of University Women brunch.


3:00 chocolate and tea, at home.


6:00 peanut butter sandwich, lettuce, and chips, at home.


9:00 Cheerios, raisins, and skim milk, at home.

It is true that I ate breakfast four times yesterday, lunch at dinner time, and no recognizable dinner. It wasn’t a normal day. On the other hand, when is it a normal day?

I think I might have been inflenced to eat cereal at the end of the day because the author of the book did so nearly every day.

This morning I’m singing the stunning “All My Heart This Night Rejoices” in church at the early service, and then Lessons and Carols at the late service. I’m looking forward to this very much. I’ve already told you about all the songs we’re singing today, I think, so today’s song will be “Quelle est cette odeur agreable,” a song I wish we were singing. It’s a truly gorgeous tune. Here’s the sheet music, in case you want to play it on your euphonium with the local brass quintet.

One of my clients is having a bit of a contretemps with a newsletter, and of course I have a project that I underestimated, so I did some work yesterday. I also did some reading and knitting and wrapping of presents. I went to a brunch, at which there was lots of conversation and an interesting presentation about schooling in Pakistan. I had phone conversations with my daughters and bought groceries and worked in a nap as well. There will have to be housework done, and it may have to be done today. But music first.