Sunday December 16, 2007

Today’s song, “El Cant dels Ocells” or “Carol of the Birds” is an Andalusian tune, and a very beautiful one.  Here you can find it played on guitar (click where it says “MP3”). Here is a YouTube. My favorite recording of it is by Kathleen Battle, but Mr. Casal’s version is also lovely. I think you can sing this one in Spanish, or play it moodily on the piano, or hum it to yourself in a luxuriant fashion as you laze around drinking tall cups of mocha and looking out upon the snow.

I got home yesterday just as the rain changed to snow, and quite enjoyed it. The snow is now on the ground, but not on the roads, which is just as it should be. I put the ham in the oven and sat by the fire knitting. #2 son is concerned that his sweater won’t be finished by Christmas, and well he might be. I don’t remember promising that I would finish it by then, but I suppose I might have done so. My schedule is about to settle down, and I intend to knit as fast as I can.12

I am having a slight panic over getting everything to my customers in time for Christmas, but I did get all those cookies made, and the fretting over the last-minute product glitches is distracting me from fretting over today’s underrehearsed music, so that may be a good thing.

I don’t get stage fright or performance nerves at all, but I really hate going on unprepared.

Oh, well.

There is the Big Music in church this morning, and there is also a potluck dinner and the kids’ performance, but my family will not attend those things with me, and I may end up staying home and baking. And knitting.

We have a new dog at our house. This is Spicer, #1 daughter’s dog. She is a cutie, as you can see.






3 responses to “Sunday December 16, 2007”

  1. formerprincess Avatar

    She’s very cute indeed.  How does she get along with the other pooches?

  2. sighkey Avatar

    A very attractive dog. Corgi cross?

  3. chanthaboune Avatar

    Uh… that’s a lot of dogs.

    How’s Fiona taking the news that #1 replaced her?