Today’s song is “Come Ye Lofty, Come Ye Lowly,” one of the joyful French carols meant for dancing. I heard it this morning as part of Holst’s Christmas Day and couldn’t find a good recording of it for you on its own. You can certainly enjoy the whole piece, though.

We all went to see Christmas Arthur yesterday, and went to the annual church breakfast potluck this morning. Everyone went to the movie, but only the boys came with me to the breakfast. They got to see people they hadn’t seen since Sunday School years ago and catch up with the parents of people they still hang with, so I think it was fun for them as well as for me.

I made a breakfast casserole using frozen potato shreds with diced ham, shredded cheese, and red bell peppers. I mixed 5 eggs with a cup or two of sour cream and a good tablespoonful of Dijon mustard and poured the custard over the ham and potatoes and baked it in the oven. I decorated it with a bow made of red pepper, and it was all eaten at the potluck, so I guess that’s a good sign.

The boys sloped off to go rockclimbing after breakfast, but I stayed for Sunday School (we finished discussing Dickens’s A Christmas Carol and then for church. We ended with lots of happy chatting and calling out, “Merry Christmas!” to one another, which is a wonderful way to spend the morning.

Now comes knitting and baking and possibly even cleaning.