Feeling very festive around here. Lots of fine music in church, nonstop cookie and candy making around the house, presents wrapped and under the tree.

I fed my crew quiche and sweet rolls.

Below is candy made with almond bark, Rice Krispies, almonds, and dried cranberries. You might not think that sounds tasty, but it is.

For today, I offer you a few of the most beautiful Christmas songs there are:

What Sweeter Music” is John Rutter’s setting of a poem by Robert Herrick in honor of the birth of King Charles. Listen to Rutter’s own group singing it at Last FM, where you can also find a video of The Choirboys doing it.  Lovely stuff.

Rutter also has arranged “Quelle Est Cette Odeur Agreeable” or “Whence is this goodly fragrance flowing?” This traditional song is charming in any arrangement, or no particular arrangement at all, though I particularly like Chanticleer’s recording.

All My Heart This Night Rejoices” is another simply lovely tune. We’re planning to sing this on Christmas Eve. Bach has done a gorgeous arrangement, but it’s beautiful any way you do it. Here you can hear it with great acoustics.

While we were playing around with almond bark, we also dipped pretzels.  You can make these plain or fancy, completely cover the pretzels or just dip a bit, drizzle them with different colors, add sprinkles and stuff, or arrange them into wreaths.

On the left you can see a wreath made with chocolate almond bark and dried fruits, as well as the completed Cranberry Almond Bark..

And here’s a bucket full of the pretzels that the boys and I made.

I have a pair and a half of slippers knitted and ready for felting.

So, yeah, doing pretty well with the whole holiday prep thing. Lots of work still to be done, but I hope to finish it all up today and tomorrow and enjoy Christmas thoroughly.