Sunday December 21, 2008

12 We made candy yesterday, turtles and Festive Cranberry Bark.

Today I’m thinking gingerbread. My old college chum sent me a box full of wondrous stuff, including some new animal cookie cutters, and I’m thinking that a bunch of gingerbread animals would be a good addition to the cookie boxes.

I also spent some time lying around reading. I think yesterday was the only day available fro that particular activity, because today, right after church, I need to get the house ready for guests.

Yesterday’s brunch was lovely. The Empress and That Man are going to be grandparents. I have no grandchildren, and The Poster Queen has a step-grandchild, with no others likely. This means that the others at the table asked after my kids’ romantic entanglements. My boys don’t have any, as far as I know, but my daughters do, and after I’d answered, we all had a moment of pensive silence.

“You can see the appeal of arranged marriages, can’t you?” said I.
“Sure,” said The Poster Queen, but then we’d all have chosen J. B.”

We nodded ruefully at the truth of this. There may be lots of disagreement about The Perfect Man or The Perfect Husband, but there is such widespread agreement on The Perfect Son in Law that we’d have to put the few candidates on top of a glass hill or something.

That Man said a lovely grace, reminding us all of the blessings we’ve seen since the store closed (the store being what brought us all together lo these many years ago). It was a good reminder.

This morning we sang “Heard About a Newborn King,”  Bigsax, The Baritone, Suwanda, and I. If you’re a little persistent at that link, you can hear a choir singing it. We went with the do-wop street corner finger-snapping approach, and I think it went well. That’ the song for the day, even if it does require a bit of extra effort to find it. Play it on your harmonica if you don’t have a quartet handy.

I also found “Gabriel’s Message” in E minor at, whom I recommend for those last minute transposition needs. It has a cooler accompaniment, too, and we have a terrific piano player, so that’s very nice.






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  1. chanthaboune Avatar

    I don’t know why you think any of those treats are going to make it all the way to the cookie boxes.