Merry Christmas!

We enjoyed our Christmas Eve enormously.

There was a certain amount of baking and cooking and present-making and such, and a great deal of lolling about.

The kids headed out with cookies to deliver and a list of places to go to pick up the goodies for the reveillon.

Son-in-Law’s mother came by with a coffee cake and we gave her a box of homemade chocolates and caught up on family news.

We opened presents from the family, including a bunch of music from New Zealand which we will be dipping into directly. We had not previously been familiar with popular music from Kiwi-a-go-go-land, so this is an exciting prospect.


We had our reveillon in stages. Only #2 daughter and I went to church, I am sorry to say, but we enjoyed the service.

The church was beautifully decorated, with masses of red and white poinsettias and lots of lights. I sang what needed to be sung in the tenor range and #2 daughter sang any soprano bits that were going. There was a baritone and a sax and our excellent organist on organ and piano. The result of this unusual collection of instruments was that the music was warmer than usual. While in general I would always favor a balanced sound, the arrangement we had made for a nice, intimate feeling.

And the mysterious post-deadline craft project got to come out and play. Here it is: the sock monkey, with its nightcap and teddy.

If you have never made one of these creatures, as I had not, I can recommend it as a fun project. I used the machine and hand-sewing about equally, and found the directions easy to follow and sensible.

It was admittedly not a surprise to #2 daughter, the recipient, but she likes it anyway. A bawk and a hat are also peeking into the picture.