#2 daughter goes home today, and I’m planning to get the house back in order. We didn’t do very well on our 12book proposal, I’m sorry to say, but we had a nice visit.

Yesterday, we enjoyed the rain, watched movies, and talked.

 I started working on the Doctor’s Bag from Knit 2 Together. I started on this last year, using a poor choice of yarn and getting too cross with the badly-written pattern to continue.

The pattern is still badly written, but this time I was forewarned, and I’m using the yarn recommended by Knitpicks, as seen in the photo below, snitched from their catalog.

The pattern is written to produce an 18″ purse, which is just too big for me. #2 daughter was speaking out in favor of big purses, but she’s tall. Actually, I think that really big purses are the fashion right now. I like a purse big enough to hold my organizer and billfold, maybe a little knitting, and that’s about it. If I’m carrying more than that, I’ll take a briefcase. The young girls who rely on their phones as organizers and never even carry cash, what do doc's bagthey need giant purses for? To carry their dogs?

It may not be about need, though. I don’t need another purse. I just want to make this one.

I got my WebCT course looking pretty nice.

In fact, I went in to yesterday’s post and updated the pictures, which was a mistake.

I should have kept the early screenshots there to show the contrast.

I’m polishing up my CSS on this project, at least.

It’s time for end-of-year updates and thoughtfulness. First, though, comes church and housework.

Both church and housework can be good opportunities for contemplation, actually.

“Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning” is the song for today. It’s a pretty Victorian Epiphany hymn, suitable for gentle singing in the parlor with the piano’s soft pedal down, wile you think about the preceding year and plan your New Year’s goals or resolutions.