Yesterday I worked for half the day and then did some holiday stuff: wrapping gifts, putting out decorations, knitting #2 son’s sweater, stuff like that.

I usually buy good quality paper at the after Christmas sales (like in February, when it has gone to a dollar a roll) but for some reason I wasn’t on top of things last year and ended up buying some cheap paper. Still a dollar a roll, and it gets thrown away almost immediately, right?

This was a bad idea, frankly. It tears, the packages show through, it doesn’t crease cleanly so you have to tape it in multiple extra places. A false economy, as my mother would say. However, I enjoyed what I was doing anyway.

Today was time to finish up the Australians’ blog (that’s the Colour of the Year for 2011 in the heart, in case you’re wondering) and then sing at a couple of Advent services, followed by our community choir concert.

Today’s song has to be In Dulci Jubilo. There are so many variations on this that you doubtless have your own favorite, from “Good Christians All, Rejoice” to the Latin version with brass which is what we did at our concert.  Now I must grade papers, so I’ll say no more at the moment.