My favorite modern carol (at least at the moment) is “Born on a New Day.” The last time I presented you with a favorite new carol, it turned out to have been written for King Charles and just recently rearranged. Alissa responded at that time with one recorded by Sting which I knew was several centuries old. But I think that this one really is new. Please tell me if I’m wrong on this.

Welsh songwriter John David (b. 1946) wrote a piece called “You Are the New Day,” recorded most notably by the Kings Singers. Philip Lawson wrote the Christmas words to the tune Peter Knight had created with David, though I can’t find exactly when. Sometime at the turn of the century — let me know if you have a better date.

You are the new day.
Meekness, love, humility,
Come down to us this day:
Christ, your birth has proved to me
You are the new day.

Quiet in a stall you lie.
Angels watching in the sky
Whisper to you from on high:
‘You are the new day.’

When our life is darkest night,
Hope has burned away,
Love, your ray of guiding light,
Show us the new day.

Love of all things great and small,
Leaving none, embracing all,
Fold around me where I fall
Bring in the new day.

This new day will be a turning point
For every one,
If we let the Christ-child in,
And reach for the new day.

Christ the Way, the Truth, the Life,
Healing sadness, ending strife,
You we welcome, Lord of Life.
Born on a new day,
You are the new day.

In addition to the Kings Singers, Libera and John Rutter’s Cambridge Singers have also recorded this lovely carol, and more people should know it. It’s best with harmonies, certainly, since it was written as choral music, but the melody is good enough to be worth singing , and I think it would be very pretty on flute or violin. Guitar would be nice, too.

It’s possible that the words make more sense if you have read “You Are the New Day” and all the discussions of what it might mean, but I think they’re pretty good on their own.

Yesterday I did watch Into the Woods and work on the lesson plans, as intended, and I got my hair cut. The hairdresser told me she wanted to work from her computer the way I do. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to buy or learn to use new software. The Art Teacher said recently, in his new student handbook, “Our software is complicated and hard and it changes all the time. Get used to it.” Probably the best advice around for people wanting to work in the context where I work, no matter what they want to do.

Messiah was probably okay. The orchestra was not so good. The soloists were fantastic. It was Messiah. You can’t mess it up enough to make it less than a wonderful experience.

There was a violinist who looked a lot like #2 son, who buzzed his hair while he was home for Thanksgiving. I just watched him during the orchestra parts, and so I enjoyed it.

I’m skipping the early service this morning, but I’m going to the second service, and then we have the matinee. After that, I’m invited to a martini party at Party Girl’s place, and I plan to go if I can get there. I may be too late, and I won’t have a car, since #1 son is working today.

Finishing up those lesson plans is on the list, too, and resting up a bit, and grading papers.