I took a middle path yesterday: some lazing around like the cat reading, some cleaning and decorating, and some small amount of work. We watched “Fred Claus,” which I quite enjoyed, and I was able to appreciate the steampunk nature of some of the design details, now that I know what that is. We actually went out and rented it, #2 son and I, something we very rarely do what with the existence of Netflix, and we had quite a good discussion of anarchy while driving. #2 son doesn’t think it would work, though he has a coworker who thinks it would work fine if everyone followed the rules. The logical inconsistency of this position irritated #2 son. I felt proud. So many people are not bothered at all by logical inconsistency. I got up this morning to more assignments, plus a request for a site analysis from my website, so I’ve actually done a little bit of work this morning as well, but I’ve mostly just put things on my calendar. One of the cool things about being a computer guy is that you wake up and life events have taken place on your computer while you were sleeping.

A little group of girls from my class stayed after to talk with me on Thursday.

“Are you married?” one of them asked. They all looked at me with interest.

“Yes,” I said. “I’ve been married for 26 years. I have four children.” I’m not sure why I thought that was conclusive; a lot of the girls in my class have babies without being married.

“So you’ve just had one husband in your whole life?” another asked. The girls found this odd.

I remember the point at which most of my kids’ classmates were divorced. I mean, there was a year when the proportion tipped, and it went from being some divorced parents in the class to being mostly divorced parents. The students in my class were probably in junior high then. Some might have been in elementary school. They are the first generation that has grown up in the U.S. since intact nuclear families became the minority.

They find the idea of getting married and having children and just staying married strange.

One of the girls said that her parents are still married to each other. Everyone marveled.

I don’t really know what to say about this. It just struck me as an interesting cultural change.

The song for today, the second Sunday of Advent, is “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus.” Charles Wesley wrote the words. Here you can find a lead sheet, overhead, and chords, in case you want to lead a group in singing this. It’s a good one for that purpose. It has a fine old Welsh tune, with some lovely harmonies. You could dance to it, or chop wood to it, or play it on a penny whistle out in the woods if you have some.