Our horrible dog has been crying at night again. This combined with my husband’s getting up at 4:00 am for work (and therefore my getting up at the same time) has resulted in a severe degree of sleep deprivation. But sometime in between bouts of swearing at the horrible dog, I had an odd dream.

I was living across the hall from a restaurant. The Computer Guy came to discuss some job or other, and left the door open. People from the restaurant then began to come over and sit down at the tables which fortunately appeared, complete with linens and centerpieces and dishes. I tried to suggest that they were in the wrong place, but for some reason couldn’t get this point made. I ended up with 150 people eating their restaurant meals at my place, and — this is the part that I found distressing in the dream — using my bathroom. I woke up when I was about to have to wash all the dishes.

Clearly, this is a housekeeping dream.

After working a mere six hours yesterday, bringing myself to 55 hours for the week, I did the grocery shopping, had some conversation with my husband and son, made Jerk Chicken Nachos, watched Eureka with #1 son, and knitted.

I made cowls for the women on my Christmas gift list this past holiday season, and then once I gave them away wanted one for myself, so I am making the Silk Fountain Hood. I stopped at cowl length when I made it for my mother and #1 daughter (#2 daughter, who doesn’t like lace, got a more tailored style), but now in the snow I am going to make it long enough to pull up as a hood.

Today is church, a little more work for my Australians, and then I guess I had better clean my bathroom and kitchen in case I have another restaurant dream. I was quite embarrassed to think of people walking through my untidy bedroom, too, in that dream, so I may just be very domestic. On the other hand, I may do more knitting. Ideally I’ll manage both. I’m enjoying Eureka, and also enjoying the book I’m reading, Dark Road to Darjeeling by Deanna Raybourn. It seems to be part of a series, so I’ll have to go back and read the rest. It’s an intelligently written romantic detective novel set in the Himalayas during the Raj (not sure whether the Raj properly belongs in time or in space, actually…).