I’ve reached the challenging stage: trying to make sure that the sleeve cap is the same on the second sleeve as on the the first. 

Since the directions for this sweater didn’t work for me, and I altered them, I can’t just follow the directions slavishly and hope for the best. So I’ve already done some frogging, and may do more.

Fortunately, I had DVDs of Leverage, and thus had some distraction.

I worked for about six hours yesterday, fielding emails throughout the time.

Since I was actually at my computer working, it isn’t reasonable of me to feel cross about getting work-related emails on Saturday, but I did. Especially the snippy one reminding me that some work had been “in the works and scheduled for some time.” I’d had the heads-up that this project was ready for me to work on fairly late on Friday afternoon, and had instantly responded with “I have a site launching this weekend, so it’ll be Monday before I can do this, but I have it on my calendar.” Then on Saturday morning — it wasn’t even 9:00 yet — I get this complaint about my speed? Really, I was angry.

I wrote back saying, “‘In the works’ is not the same as ‘scheduled,'” and it was fortunate that #2 daugther was also working yesterday, since her IM counsels of calm kept me from saying “Fix your own blankety-blank website.”

Anyway, after I completed that project, I felt justified in switching to knitting and DVDs.

We have a TV discussion going on at our house. Our TV is about four years old, I guess — it’s from before flat screens. It’s a cube. I think it has about a 27″ screen. It, and the DVD player, and all the game consoles, and lots of games and movies and controllers and stuff, are all in the living room next to the fireplace. I would like them to be in a cabinet, away from view.

I have always wanted this, and my husband went some years ago and bought a cabinet, but it is a “Look! I have lots of electronic stuff!” kind of cabinet. So I finally decided to replace it with the kind of cabinet I’ve always wanted. A nice armoire, I thought, with a cottage-like feeling. Mission, or Provencal, something like that.

They no longer make this type of cabinet. My kids have explained to me that no one in the entire world wants a cabinet like this any more. Also that every one in the entire world now has a flat-screen TV. And indeed it seems to be true. All furniture for TVs and electronic gear is now too narrow for our TV, and none of it puts the TV inside a cabinet.

I lie. You can get an enormous electronica armoire for your bedroom, if you don’t mind looking like a fugitive from Dynasty. These items are also too expensive. For less than the price of a piece of furniture which would dwarf everything else in the room, including the fireplace, I could buy a flat screen TV and a modern media console (that’s what they call them) to put it on. This move is being strongly advocated by the menfolks.

I would rather put that money toward the dental work I still haven’t been able to afford. I just want to spend a couple hundred dollars on a nice little cabinet to stick the TV and all its gear into. I may hit the flea markets.