I ended up working pretty much all day yesterday, since some issues arose with websites. In the evening, though, I traced off the pattern pieces, cut the dress from the unpleasant fabric, and basted the front together to see if I could figure it out. While I seem to have done it backwards, it does appear to work, and I expect that it will fit and look reasonably good when finished, too. I guess I should slap the whole thing together real quick and resolve fitting issues, and then make a real one.

However, this is a pretty color, and it seems like a lot of work to get even this far with the dress and then quit and move on to another version of it.

This is where the whole concept of the wearable muslin comes in, and why I have so many garments made of weird fabrics. By the time I’ve actually made the wearable muslin, I often don’t go ahead an make a real one at all.

In addition to working yesterday (and cleaning up the living room, only to have the other residents of the house mess it up again immediately), I did the grocery shopping for #1 daughter’s and my Big Cooking Adventure today.

In light of that fun plan, I got up quit early this morning and finished up my work. I figure I can go to church and come home and get going on the cooking. This way, we’ll have delicious, healthy food all week.