I’m still sick, in spite of having spent 36 hours in bed.

However, I have to read aloud about the temptation of Christ in a couple of hours in church, so I’m trying to get up and move around and feel better. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll go back to bed after church.

I thought you might like to see the Pantone spring fashion forecast.

I really like those soft greens and the whole peach and terracotta bit. I have yellow and blue and aqua things which I bought, surprisingly, last spring when #2 daughter took me shopping for clothes and a saleswoman told me to buy those colors. In fact, I rather think that my picture in the WSJ has me in the yellow and blue.

Here are the colors from last year.

The yellow and blue are still there; if yours from last year faded a bit, you’re ready for this year. The greens are quite different, though. You can keep your Rose Dust stuff, I think, and people will figure it’s Tuscany. We’ll have to switch to coral and violet, though — salmon and lavender are going to look just that bit outdated. You wore tomato red last year anyway, right? Who’s going to give up tomato red just because Pantone says so?