Here’s the top I sewed yesterday, waiting for its hems.

It’s actually quite  cute. Past papaya, clear to watermelon, but strong colors are nice in warm weather.

And we might have some warm weather at some point.

I have enough more of the fabric to make a matching skirt, and I could wear it at Easter

The trouble is, this fabric is some kind of “linen look” fiber. If it were actually linen, it would drape beautifully and feel nice. Being “linen look,” it feels like a very thin and flexible plastic and stands out in improbable poofs. Washing it might help, I suppose.

I know that people wear synthetics all the time. I just can’t seem to do it myself. What made people think this stuff was a good idea in the first place, I wonder?

So the decision here is this: do I put in the time to hem this, and figure that I might wear it occasionally, or do I cut my losses, call this a muslin, and make it in linen?

I sewed this yesterday while watching BBC mysteries. They’re always so well tailored in those programs.

Getting down to a bit of sewing has caused me to think about the SWAP (Sewing With a Plan) system. I’ll be teaching five days a week this summer. It could be fun to come up with a nice little SWAP for the summer. I think I own enough fabrics and patterns to do this with no further shopping, and I have three months in which to do it — one garment a week, that would come to. It might, by giving me a goal to work toward, encourage me to take the time to sew.

I’m taking the new Easter arrangements to church today. I don’t know whether anyone will have time to run through them, or whether my cold has abated enough for me to be able to sing them if anyone wanted to, but we can at least look at them.