Here it is, the last day of the Knitting Olympics, and my object is completed.

It turned out a good squashy pouch, and I think I will get a good deal of use from it, even if I also let #2 son use it for a chalk bag.

It is a modular knit in Highland Wool, and took one and a half skeins, plus a lot of scraps. I knitted it in the round on #3 needles (if I remember rightly) and felted it in the washing machine. The drawstrings are suede ribbon, and I added one at the bottom as well, though of course it is permanently drawn up.

I lined it with a stout twill (and, I now see in the photo, left a thread — I hope this won’t disqualify me from bringing home the gold for Women’s Modular).

If you ever want to line a knitted bag, do not think it will be difficult. I measured around the thing and cut a piece of the fabric to the right width and height (leaving a bit extra on the height to turn under). Don’t leave extra for seams, because you are measuring the outside and making the inside, so you want it just that bit smaller.

I cut a base for the lining from two thicknesses of the cotton and one of interfacing, to encourage the bag to keep its shape.

And yes, the handle of my scissors has been nibbled on pretty thoroughly. I forget which dog it was that got it during the puppy chewing stage.

Fiona once chewed the entire cover off a copy of 100 Carols. On the other hand, Toby chewed up the handle of my $60 handbag, so they are equally likely culprits. We don’t hold it against them, either way. Youthful excesses can happen to anyone.

I also got my sewalong skirt zipper and waistband done. It then had to hang overnight (I know it has been hanging for a week already, but still…) and I will hem it today.

It’s a lovely, soft drapey fabric. The thing about fabrics is that you have to have actual talent as a photographer to photograph them well, so I do not think that this photo tells you much about the skirt.

Still, it is turning out quite well in spite of my lack of skill with zippers. The pattern is Simplicity 5914, and I recommend it highly. It is easy, and yet still makes a graceful skirt.

What with the parade and errands and sewing and all, I did not get my encyclopedia article redone, so that is on the docket for today after church. I also did not do any impressive amounts of housework. Not only was I terribly busy (I also did some more rows of the prayer shawl, did I mention that?), but it was also too cold to leave the fire. And today is the Sabbath, so I feel sure that I should not be doing any serious cleaning. At least I did the bathrooms and kitchen yesterday, so no one will contract any loathsome diseases brought on by insufficient cleanliness.

In fact, in the novel I am reading, one of the least attractive characters washes her towels every Wednesday. This is one of the things that is used to make it clear that she is horrid. So I will add to my list of excuses that a little slovenliness makes a person more appealing. You know, the longer the list of excuses, the less real…