Yesterday was a fairly self-indulgent day. I made this almond and apple pastry,  worked for a while, and then went out and shoveled up dog poo from my backyard. No one wants to do this in the winter, so things get pretty rural out there.

It was exercise.

I started on my bedroom clean up then, but got involved in a tech/design issue on a project and spent some more time working.

By the time I finished that, I was on the phone coughing and croaking at #2 daughter (she helped out with the design issue), so I decided to rest for a bit. I am feeling almost better, and I don’t want a relapse.

#1 son went to visit #2 son at college this weekend, and my husband was working yesterday, so I had no car and therefore couldn’t do the grocery shopping or anything of that sort. The mailman brought a collection of Netflixes, so it was clear that I had no choice but to spend the afternoon sewing and watching movies.

I didn’t use the green crepe de chine — there’s more of it than I remembered, so I think it has an actual blouse or nightgown or something in its future.

I have this nice teal chiffon, which I think will do just fine. While watching The Proposal, I traced out the pattern, cut it out, pinned it together, and tried it on. I think it’ll be nice.

I got back to work after that, but finished up the evening swatching with Telemark while listening to my husband’s adventures at work.

TodayI think I’ll continue with all the things I started yesterday, including resting and trying to get over the last of this virus. I have more work to do, I really do want to get my bedroom in order, and I can probably sew up the teal top while watching Rebecca (the Hitchcock one). Maybe yoga a la Wii Fit.

With any luck, I’ll feel like myself tomorrow.