I don’t really have time to write this morning.

I did errands yesterday, took #2 son to gymnastics, made my three contacts, tested the Power Cooking theme show (#2 daughter timed me — one meal on the table and two in the freezer in 25 minutes, so it’s aptly named), and dusted precisely one surface before giving in to the coughing and sneezing.

Fortunately, Netflix had sent a couple of, in my son’s words, “sissy movies.” My husband, who had also succumbed to the ailment, joined me on the couch and we watched “Beauty Parlor” and “Designing Woman.” Both movies involve female solidarity, tangential crime, screwball comedy romance, strong working women, lots of costume changes, and women making frank comments about one another’s bodies.

I now have 14 minutes to finish my tea, dress, and get to rehearsal. TTFN!