I enjoyed my visit with the Episcopalians. Beautiful church with stained glass windows, nice music, moving sermon. It is true that there is a great deal of Stand up! Sit Down! Chant! Chant! Chant!, but it was all very clearly marked in the bulletin. If, for anthropological purposes, say, you want to visit churches anonymously, the Episcopal church seems to be a safe one — I felt as though I blended in with the crowd completely. No one offered me a martini. My son said people glared at him, but I feel sure that he was misinterpreting.  It was probably just a serious and austere look, suitable to a church where people bow.

Now, with all the food prepared (and contrary to LikeWowMom’s impression, it isn’t all sinfully decadent — just the Possum Pie and all the chips and sodas and cookies the guys went out and bought behind my back), I am prepared to knit my way through all the football. Hope your team wins!