It’s still snowy, but the main roads are clear, I’m told. I haven’t left my house since it started snowing last week.

I’ve been working what one of the guys I interviewed for the Successful Men series described as “half days” — 12 hours a day.

However, I’ve also gotten some knitting done. Here you see the sleeves of the Diagonals in Flight cardigan. I’m doing them both at once on circular needles, which is a good thing, because I never seem to have the same stitch count. I’m counting every few rows and adjusting as I go, so they may not be perfect but they will be pretty close to matching.

I like the way the slant of the stitches shifts in the middle. I like the crunch texture of the cotton in this stitch, too.  Sometimes I like the knitting and then don’t like the garment, but I hope that isn’t true in this case.

This is repurposed yarn. I had knitted it all up into Oat Couture’s Bijoux Blouse. The cotton spread out horribly at the bottom, the sleeves drooped in a schlumpy fashion, and I looked like a polar bear when wearing it. So, after a decent interval to allow me to forget all the hours I had put into it, I frogged the whole thing and began anew on this cardi.

I still have an hour to do for my Aussies, largely because I spent the time I should have spent on them yesterday in knitting, but I am also going to go to church. LaBella is picking me up; otherwise, I probably wouldn’t go. It would be very easy for me just to become a hermit.

If you can be a hermit with a job and a family. Possibly this would interfere with the true hermetic life.

In any case, I’ll be going to church and then writing for the Australians and grading paper, and if I have any time left at all, I’ll get on with those sleeves.