Sunday February 7, 2010

I’m under the weather. I took Nyquil, which always makes me feel like I’m doing something extreme, and there’s this little window between when it makes you feel better and when it knocks you out completely, so I’m taking advantage of it to get in a little computer time.

Yesterday I cleaned my dining room, as directed by the housecleaning plan. This coming week is Family Room week.

I also got all the header options for my new website.  A couple of different artists did stuff for me, and I’d be interested in your opinions.

The first one shows how it’s going to fit into the site, with the logo. We may replace the logo in the header with text, since we have it at the top already.

The rest of the images just show the headers. Whichever one we choose will just go in the place where the woman with the lightbulb is right now in the first example — or she might stay there.

So what do you think?






4 responses to “Sunday February 7, 2010”

  1. ozarque Avatar

    My vote would be for the butterfly.

    Sorry to hear that you’re not well…

  2. ozarque Avatar

    I assume you know that Nyquil makes a product called Dayquil that doesn’t knock you out so badly…

  3. lostarts Avatar

    My choice would depend on knowing more about what the website is about.

    Just from looks, I like the butterfly and the woman with the lightbulb (the last two in the order you showed them.

    If the website is about ideas, thinking, or possibly planning, then it would be the woman with the lightbulb. The butterfly is very generic, and doesn’t tell me anything about the website except that the designers want it to look pretty.

    Also, I think there are cleaner, easier to read typefaces that are also decorative and good looking for the type. It’s starting to get overused at this point, but I like Papyrus. Goudy bold italic (all lower case) makes a good font that looks a bit like calligraphy without being overdone. There are lots of others, too. I DO like the lightbulb in the “P” though.

  4. fibermom Avatar

    @lostarts – 

    Thanks for the very thoughtful response!The type is the logo. I like Papyrus, too, though designers tend to reject it (as you say, it’s seen as having been overused). We’ll probably use Calibri for the actual text.
    I like the lightbulb in the P, too, and if only for that reason I’m inclined to favor the lightbulb woman.