One of the free things I get is Lucky magazine, “the magazine about shopping and style.” I’m not sure in what way it’s about shopping. There aren’t articles about shopping strategies or anything. It has lots of pictures of clothes in it, and I guess it’s possible that you’re supposed to look at the clothes and then go shopping and buy them. That may be how it’s connected with shopping.

In any case, I look through it every month and then leave it at the gym. This month, it seems to be saying that spring fashions will be about mixing structured pieces (military or button-down office looks) with airy feminine things (whole lot of billowing going on). There’s also a lot of yellow — yellowed greens, ivories, golden beiges — and metallics. A general shimmeriness more than the lurex and bangles effect.

In the middle of all these pictures there’s always a little essay by Jean Godfrey-June, who is bright and witty and M5815 provides a paragraph or two of something interesting before describing products. This month, she said that she  doesn’t relax while she’s working and she doesn’t get why people think she should. But when work is finished, then she will “look for ways to enhance and deepen my sloth.”

She’s got the right idea.

I did some work yesterday, and I’ve done some this morning, too. But I also hung out with Than Man and The Empress a bit, watched Numb3s with the boys, got a start of teh NYT crossword, and scoped out the new pattern books at the fabric store. I even bought a few in the 99 cent sale.

I’m not sure that I can defend having done this. I don’t do a whole lot of sewing these days, though I have made a shirt and a skirt in recent months, so I guess I might make a jacket. I love shawl collars and curvy little jackets and I can imagine this one in a rose beige velvet.

M5808 I can also imagine slouching around in this tunic. In the summer, I made myself several tops that looked basically like nightgowns, on the theory that I could wear them with jeans and be as comfortable as though I were working in my nightie but could still answer the door.

This kind of floaty thing is big for spring, if you believe Lucky magazine, but you should pair it with tailored trousers and ankle boots. Oh, and a menswear tailored vest in somethig like a charcoal gray pinstripe, topping the whole outfit off with a coppery scarf with a subtle gleam.

Just letting you know.

I got in all the billable hours I needed this week, and plan to have plenty for next week, too, plus some interesting meetings. I have to grade papers today. I also have that book proposal, which is beginning to haunt me.

But along here pretty soon I’m going to fit some sewing time in. And I may start with this tunic.

Another fun choice would be these Laura Ashley bags.

M4531 I have lots of bags, including a very serviceable briefcase with room for a laptop, should I ever get a laptop.

The laptop fantasy is part of the whole traveling about working from hotel balconies and in big city parks fantasy. I obviously have no need for a pattern for a laptop bag, expecially not one that involves complicated zipper work, because we all know I couldn’t do something as three dimensional as that.

But don’t you love the one with the gussetted pockets? And the floral one, though for the meetings I attend, it would be wildly inappropriate.

For hanging out an a hotel balcony, though, it would be fine. I could sip champagne while writing blog posts on the subject of paperless billing and green entrepreneurship. Then I could pack it up and carry it with me to a museum, where I would continue in the sculpture garden, polishing up content for a website or a report on linkbuilding strategies.

I could actually do that now. I could snitch my son’s laptop and go do that today. And I might. I could go grade papers in the Arts Center rose garden, or in the park, where I could enhance and deepen my sloth when I finished by taking a nap under some nice tree, if there are any left after the storm.