We started yesterday with a business meeting at the local American bakery. We developed our goals for the year, and the Next Steps for accomplishing them.

We had some tangential discussions as well — do we want to do work on retainer? Should we be doing web design? Just how bad is the conversion rate on our proposals?

It was suggested that we had wienie business goals. 

“My girls,” said #1 daughter, who has those corporate speech patterns, “always think the goals are impossible. We’re on track to take in $80,000 this month.”

After giving us time to admire these numbers, she went on to explain that goals that don’t cause consternation in the people who are supposed to achieve them aren’t worth setting.

Spurred on by her rousing words, we increased our financial goal slightly. Otherwise, our goals continue to be pretty wimpy.

With the meeting completed and the Next Steps parceled out, we went home to make lunch for my parents’ visit. That was fun, as always. We then went shopping.

I’m not much of a shopper. The girls were looking for clothes, though, so we went to the mall. The last time I bought clothes was in May of last year, when #2 daughter assisted me in buying enough clothes to look well-dressed throughout my summer class. I did look well-dressed throughout my summer class, actually, but that wore off, and I have been shlumping around in frayed jeans and ancient sweaters for a few months now. School starts again on Wednesday, for me, so I think I might need to mend things or at least figure out where I put them.

We then went to look at cabinets to put electronic gear into. I feel that I need one of those, if at some point in the future I can afford one, and I figured that the whole group of us could find one. No such luck. The kids kindly explained to me that the reason I couldn’t find one is that it’s old-fashioned to want to hide electronic gear.

I’m sure they’re right.

#2 daughter and I then went on to the Martin Luther King celebration, where my church choir sang. There was a really good speech, too, and  liturgical dancers, and some other music. It was pretty uplifting overall.

Home, then, tp pizza and movies. I am now on my third no-exercise day, eating all kinds of fattening foods, so I feel sure that my modest weight loss since New Year’s has been completely undone. However, it was a fun day. #2 son and #1 daughter are both leaving today. It’s been a nice visit.