Last night’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration was inspiring. There was a lot of music, and prayers in several different styles, including one that finished up, “black and brown and white and Jewish and Christian and Heavenly Father even those who don’t believe in you, we all stand up and shout ‘Hallelujah!'” There were liturgical dancers, which I always enjoy, and a speaker who shared her personal experiences at the places we know from our history books: Little Rock, Selma, Montgomery, Watts. For me, there was poignancy to the fact that a descendant of slaveowners could join with descendants of slaves to celebrate not only the life of Dr. King, but also the fact that United States has within a human lifetime gone from the horrors of segregation to the election of an African-American president.

Not that we’ve entirely conquered racism in our nation. So perhaps you might like to attend some of the MLK events in your area. We have some good ones coming up, with fine music planned. And joining in with these may help mitigate the unseemliness of those MLK Day sale flyers we’ve been getting. 1

I guess we’ve adjusted fully to the thought of the birth of Christ as a suitable opportunity for hawking cut-price items, but I’m still a little shocked that Dr. King’s birthday, within human memory of his death, should be treated this way.

I got home at 9:00 and my menfolks were still waiting around for someone to feed them. There’s something wrong with this, in the 21st century, isn’t there?

We were all hungry, though, so I rustled something up.

If you ever find yourself in this position, you can make an egg burrito. These are good for breakfast, too.

Chop up some bell peppers, tomatoes, and green onions. If you don’t have a bunch of anti-vegetable boys breathing down your neck, mushrooms and avocado and spinach are also great in this. If you do have those anti-1vegetable guys with you, then chop up some ham or sausage as well. #2 son demonstrated his favorite approach, which is to cook a sausage patty and then use a food chopper to mince it up into miniscule bits. Scramble all these things up with a few eggs.

 Warm a tortilla on the grill, sprinkle on a bit of cheese, and put a spoonful of the eggs in the middle. Roll it up and eat it.

Sit with other people at a table, though. Don’t eat it in front of your computer.

I got the job with the guy from Arizona, which means that for this coming week I have the full number of billable hours I want. If I can keep from having more than a matching number of unbillable ones, I’ll be very happy.

Heck, I’ll be happy anyway. But I’m really trying to get the hours question settled. Not that it’s something that can be settled, exactly, since as a freelance I have to come up with my billable hours all over again every week.1 I have good prospects, though. Sometimes I look with happy surprise at my boys and say, “You know, this might work out.” They agree with me, in equal surprise.

Once I get my work schedule where I want it, I can pay more attention to my non-work life, which still exists, contrary to appearances.

I’m slowly but surely getting the Doctor’s Bag knitted. It’s a thick fabric, and will need blocking, but since it’s all going to be sewn up into a purse, that’s what it ought to be.

 I spent some time yesterday reading in the shiatsu massage chair, and my back is a little better. I only got to the gym three times this week, so I’m hoping to get a good Pilates or dance stretching in today, but I need an empty house for that. There may be some of you who are happy to have spectators for your workouts, but I don’t feel that way.

Church this morning, grading of papers this afternoon. More housework, homework for the Tuesday class, and perhaps some lolling around. That’s the plan.