Here’s our favorite of the lights from the holiday lights exhibit downtown.

Can you tell we are still in a holiday mood? I have a three-day weekend, and am savoring it to the fullest. I hope you are, too.

One more song for New Years:

In addition to a little housework and a lot of celebration, I have done some knitting.

Here are some slippers, in their initial Sasquatch size. #2 daughter is modeling them here:



These are the Ballet Slippers from Felted Knits, done in Paton’s Classic Wool.

And here they are, felted, in their proper elfin size:





#2 daughter modelled the finished pair:

Obviously, I could not take them away from her. I made a pair for #2 son as well, while watching the “Monk” marathon, and will make myself a pair today, if all goes according to plan. It’s amazing how much knitting a person can accomplish if she doesn’t have to go to work.

And that is Fiona, the glasses-wearing dog, in the background. She did not need her glasses today.