I’m updating links for my new website. This is sort of meditative. It’s lots of routine stuff, with occasional bits of exciting mental activity and many small hand motions.

Just like archaeology. I’m sure that’s what you were thinking, too.

I don’t do this very much any more. #2 daughter is our official linkbuilder. However, this is unpaid linkbuilding just for the firm, so I’m doing it.

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon knitting and watching a marathon of Bones. I think I may repeat that. I had dinner with my family and we discussed issues in sociology, and I may repeat that, too. I made Silk Fountain Hoods (you can see one here, though not one of mine) for several female family members, and now I want one of my own. I can’t take a picture of mine because #1 son took the camera to New Orleans.

Back to the salt mines now. Or possibly to knitting.