I got to sleep in till 6:30 this morning, and I feel like a new woman. Nonetheless, I’ve spent the three hours since then relaxing and haven’t bothered to get dressed yet. I spent most of yesterday on the sofa, too, watching movies and grading papers and doing some knitting. There are worse ways to spend the day, but also better ways. I have more grading to do today, plus my Aussies to write for, but I haven’t given up the idea of cleaning house, or hiking, or sewing.

One thing I did yesterday was to go shopping at Walmart. I don’t know whether any of you have ever done this, but I’d guess probably so. I haven’t shopped at Walmart for years, but we’re currently working with companies related to them in various ways, so I figure I should at least be able to understand what they’re talking about. Accordingly, I went to the local Walmart for my grocery shopping.

I didn’t enjoy it. I was trying to find it cool and intriguing, like shopping in a foreign city, but really it was crowded and confusing. When you ask workers where to find things, they react with astonishment and then say things like, “Pens are in the garden center,” as though that provided geographic information (or even made sense).

They don’t have a lot of the things that I normally buy, and yet they have all manner of odd things unrelated to grocery shopping stuck right in your way, so you have to pass through all the make up to get to the milk.

They have a section that looks like a bakery with lots of different kinds of bread, but no loaf as more than 2 grams of fiber per serving, no matter what color it is. The produce section is colorful and appealing, but everything must be bought in pre-packaged lots.

So okay, it didn’t mesh with my workflow, as we say around the office. It was clean and well stocked, assuming that you want what they’re offering. They actually have few choices, but they make it look like they have lots of choices. That’s a talent.

It took me twice as long as usual and cost just as much, but the volume I ended up with was larger, #1 daughter tells me. I don’t know. I got confused.

Probably I shouldn’t have gone there for grocery shopping. I should have gone for something less goal-directed so I could have enjoyed the process.

The pictures here are of the Nantucket Jacket, or rather of one skein of Highland Wool on its way to becoming a Nantucket Jacket.

I love the color and the texture, the pattern is simple once you get it set up, so you can easily do it while conversing or watching a movie, if not while reading, and it’s a nice piece of knitting.

I have some qualms, though. It looks asymmetrical to me, for one thing. For another, the larger sizes become larger simply because there’s a lot more of the seed stitch, and that seems to make the cable sections appear rather crowded together.

I’ll keep going anyway, hoping all will be well in the end.