Now that I have a Stash, I can also have Future Knitting Projects:

A tea cozy. I had a nice traditional striped one which I made many years ago and somehow lost. Recently, I saw one with cables on it. Either way, I should have one.

A weird kitten-eared rectangle sort of hat for #2 daughter. I tried, when she told me she wanted one of these, to palm off a sewn one instead. I made it from fleece, along with a matching poncho and pair of trendy scarves, and thought she looked extremely cute in it. But she almost immediately reminded me that I was supposed to have made her an Aran one, so someday I will.

A bathmat. Simple Knits for Sophisticated Living has a pattern for a very elegant one, and cotton yarn is on sale this week at Hobby Lobby.

Those blue cabled mittens. And the felted clogs for my husband, who is now the only family member without any. He is wearing the New Zealand fleece ones my sister sent many years ago, so don’t feel too sorry for him.