Yesterday I worked instead of cleaning my living room.

Actually, there was plenty of time during which I could have cleaned my living room. #1 son did the grocery shopping so I could get my arts center stuff done and papers graded. I worked for a mere eight hours, and then went and had lunch and sat down with a light novel to take a small break before tackling the living room.

After a bit, I baked cookies, and did a bit more lolling. Folks, I never even knitted. I just sat around reading. At one point, I made dinner for me and #1 son, and cleaned up the kitchen at bit, and we had a discussion on God and physics and discord in music and skepticism. Then I returned to sitting around reading.

This morning, Janalisa and I are going to help set up the tables for the ministry fair. I was in charge of this last year. This year I’m just helping out. I don’t know whether there is anyone in charge, though…

I have a couple of hours before I head off to do that, so I might clean this morning. I also need to make a new cover for the ottoman, which takes a lot of abuse.

If I don’t do it this morning, I might do it after church. The amount of lolling around I did yesterday should be sufficient to last me for a while.