I’m having trouble waking up this morning.

Yesterday I did that grocery shopping, laundry, and not nearly enough housekeeping. Then I spent some time on the book proposal with Chanthaboune. We are inching toward completion at glacial speed. An hour or so with a book, and then I headed on to Janalisa’s inauguration party.

She has a talent for these things. Her house was decked in red and blue with lights and sparkly stars and things all over. The menu:

  • President Obama’s favorite foods, including Chicago-style pizza and peach cobbler made with the recipe from the Dixie Cafe.
  • Sloppy Joe Bidens
  • Lipstick on a Pigs in a Blanket
  • First Ladyfingers with Chocolate Dip
  • George Bush broccoli (an empty dish)
  • tropical fruit
  • Dick Cheney Jello Shooters
  • Reagan and Carter snack mix (jelly beans and peanuts)

There were party games. I was enormously impressed. I mean, we often play games at our house, but not specially-prepared party games. I won the Presidential Food Quiz, but none of us won the bingo game, though we all listened closely to the speech waiting for the words “troops” or “Michelle.”

We had a few serious conversations in the room, but mostly it was fun and frivolity.

Today I have two church services, a mountain of papers to grade, and — I hope — more housekeeping.