005 My office is a work in progress, but I think it’s becoming more pleasant. Things got out of hand while #2 son was living in this room over his semester break, frankly, but I spent several hours yesterday cleaning out files, picking stuff up off the floor, removing stray socks, and otherwise getting things in hand.

I have a new markerboard currently in an impressively organized state. It may not last. For the moment, though, it helps me to feel calm about my work. I’m not worrying that things will get lost and forgotten, something which has happened before and which therefore preys on my mind.

I’m also trying to capture data better this year. We tried to make good goals for our business this year, but we were foiled at every turn. What’s our conversion rate? We don’t know. Where do our leads come from? We don’t know. How long do our clients stay with us? We don’t know. How many clients do we need? We don’t know. What should we do to continue increasing growth at our desired level? Obviously, we haven’t a clue.

It was frustrating. More than frustrating, really. It kept us from accomplishing our goal of setting some goals. 008

Making my office a nice place to work is a reasonable goal, though. Last year I bought a nice desk and file cabinet and the year before that I bought a good chair, and I’ve now put some organizational stuff up. Good strong bookcases would be an improvement — they’d keep me from having to worry that all the books were about to fall on the floor, another thing that has happened.

Indeed, the whole point of my efforts is basically to make my office less stressful so I can enjoy my work.

I think that this afternoon, after church, I’ll sew up cushion covers and a good coaster for my tea cup, deal with a few remaining messes, and the office will be a thing of beauty.

Ideally, I would then be inspired to move on to my bedroom and do the same there. We’ll see.