I have a painful eye infection. For some reason, trouble with my eyes, and headaches as well, feel more like a central problem. That’s where I am, so a problem with my eyes or my head doesn’t feel like something I can overlook and keep on in spite of.

I’m saying “infection” because I think it’s blepheritis, something I’ve had before. As I recall, the treatment was hot compresses and waiting for it to go away, so that’s what I’m doing.

Also, feeling sorry for myself. And grading papers. I think I will be skipping church and rehearsal today, since I feel as miserable as I do. However, #1 daughter is on her way back up from the capitol, where she went to interview for the high-powered Canadian job she has been offered.

We’re intending to have a grand cooking session so we can have food for the week for our two households.