Yesterday I got up at 4:00, as I’ve been doing all week, and drove my husband to work. I came home and worked for a few hours: catching up at my educational site, getting my online classes set up, completing a large proposal which I will now worry over till I hear back.

I went grocery shopping, spending large amounts of money on fresh produce, almost none of which we ate yesterday, and on lean protein and stuff like milled flax seeds — again, not what we ended up eating.

#1 daughter and I had our annual meeting — or tried to. She gets frustrated after an hour, and neither of us really had our reports in order, so we spent much of that hour looking things up and making calculations. We therefore made essentially no progress toward goals or decisions.

We grabbed a sandwhich and then went out in search of cleats and bicycle tubes. #2 son needs new cleats, which we were not successful in buying, and #1 son needed bicycle tubes, which we we sold by a postmodern babe in a bicycle shop so cool that #1 daughter and I  both wanted to by things even though neither of us owns a bike.

In and around the search for cleats, we went to import and gift shops and to the outdoor sporting goods store where #1 son works. We were discussing #2 son’s study abroad plans and buying things like a hiking guide, high-protein pasta at five times the grocery store price, and green tea with rose petals. We had all been watching Portlandia, so it was impossible for us not to feel as though we had been transported into the comedy. Eventually, we had to talk about that, too.

We finished the evening with burgers, chips, and football on the TV. #2 son and I made a cheesecake from a special low fat high protein recipe. It was expensive and time consuming, but it tasted nothing like cheesecake and we’ll probably feed it to the dogs.

In some ways, the whole day — though enjoyable — was filled with not following my New Year’s resolutions. I didn’t get 8 hours of sleep, I didn’t stop working on the weekend, I didn’t set SMRT goals for the business, I didn’t exercise or eat right, I spent no time in creative endeavors. I bought a hiking guide and wholesome foods but didn’t hike and ate relatively unwholesome foods.

Between 1/1 and 1/7, I exercised several times and strove to eat right, though with limited success, and I lost one pound. Yesterday I didn’t exercise and I ate normal stuff, and I am now four pounds over what I was on 1/1. I also have a headache and a sore throat and I’m cross.

Above you can see #2 daughter’s roasted tomatoes. They are being served with oil-drizzled French bread, but they’re still a more wholesome alternative to chips and dip.

I’m trying to follow Jonathan Bailor’s The Smarter Science of Slim, and failing dismally. Bailor advocates an even distribution of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, with a focus on non-starchy vegetables and lean protein. Breakfast can be an omelet with vegetables and ham, lunch can be a nice salad with chicken, and dinner can be fish or lean meat with lots of vegetables. Fruit for dessert. No calorie counting required, just swap starches and sweets for chicken or fish and produce. In his terms, give up inSANE foods and eat all you want of SANE foods instead — SANE here standing for foods which are high in Satiety (filling), low in Aggressions (tendency to be stored as fat), high in Nutrition, and low in Efficiency (amount of fat storage potential per calorie).

So last night’s dinner included lean meat and a wisp of lettuce, both of which are SANE foods, plus “wheat” hamburger buns, baked beans from a jar, and chips, all of which are inSANE foods.

As I say, I’m trying. Yesterday did involve buying things associated with my goals rather than actually doing anything toward those goals, but today I have a house full of SANE foods and a map to local hiking trails, so I can easily do what I’ve set out to do.