#2 daughter is leaving today. She and DrDrew are going to The Emo King’s for the day and then, tomorrow, heading back up to school in a caravan. I will definitely miss her.

DrDrew (who is not as it happens a doctor, but that is his xanga name) was telling us last night how he successfully gained 30 pounds by eating 2 pounds of ground beef each day over the summer. I am sure that he will share his diet tips with you if you ask him.

I gained four pounds over the holidays myself, but I think my method of eating chocolate gateau, Buche de Noel, eggnog cookies, and pate de maison is more appealing than the daily 2 lbs of beef method. Cutting weekly gym visits in half was also an essential part of the regime. As of today, however, I will return to the triglyceride-improvement health-conscious pattern. Farewell, holiday foods! It was fun!

DrDrew, who is studying medicine, assured me that all Americans have some heart damage, and that — while he hasn’t yet gotten to triglycerides in his studies — my skepticism about some of the studies on heart health is no reason to give up healthy eating and exercise. The Empress and That Man slipped for only a couple of days, but I am using my houseful of teens as my excuse. Once I have only two, it will be easier to fight.

I have kept my fingers in trim with daily knitting, though. Does that count?