Here are some florentines I made as part of my summer studies. They were delectable. I’ve also made financiers and chocolate croissants and other tasty things. This week I’m supposed to do macarons, but we’ll see. It’s hard to think about baking in this heat.

My tailoring class is not going that well. I’ve watched the instructional video on interfacing the jacket correctly several times but haven’t yet gathered up the courage to do it. Maybe today will be the day.

Yesterday, #1 daughter and I went up to the Next County to the shopping mall. I got a hair cut and we had brunch (quiche and melon — quite good) and sorted out the next steps we need to take in our business.

Later, #1 son came over for dinner and told me how his band gets together and decides what the next step should be, but then no one does anything. They talk about the same next step for months on end.

This doesn’t work.

Equally, watching the same lesson for weeks on end and never attempting it doesn’t work.

After watching the lesson yet again yesterday I went to check on my courses for next term and discovered that the software upgrade means I’ll have to redo my online section completely. I’m not sure where I’ll find the 40 hours needed to do this, but I will have to, sometime in the next six weeks.

Clearly, if I want to accomplish any of these things, I’ll have to quit lolling around in the evenings.