Summer top #9 of the Summer Top Project is completed, and very comfy in the oppressive heat we’re currently having. I can’t quite decide what pattern to use with that embroidered satin, so I knitted yesterday instead of sewing. I also did some work, went to the farmers market with my husband and bought lots of nice vegetables, did the grocery shopping, hung out a bit with #1 son, talked with #2 son, and finished building the file cabinet for my office.

Really, my husband did most of the work on the cabinet. This is not because I’m lazy, but because he can’t stand to have it done as badly as I would do it. In fact, any time I take a bit of initiative and do something in the building line, he has to take it apart and redo it because I’ve done it so badly. I therefore just hang about and provide moral support.

The file cabinet matches the new desk . Both came in boxes and then needed to be put together. If you have the skills, this is a great way to save on new furniture, but it does require skill. It’s like having your sewing cut out for you — definitely faster and easier than having to cut it out yourself, but by no means ready-made. We’ve been working on it a bit at a time for most of the week.
Here’s all the filing that has to be done.

It’s a good thing I don’t use paper much, or   I’d really be a long way from having my office ready.

I think I need to go through all these files and make sure that I actually need to keep the papers, and also that I know where they all are.

The other thing I did this week, besides working, was to start attending cardio pump class with The Empress and Mrs. Brown. I hadn’t seen The Empress in a year or so, and haven’t been to an exercise class in longer than that. I was having fun till we got to the squats and planks, and then I really wanted to quit, but didn’t.

I’m planning to go three times a week till the new semester, at which point I’ll have to change my schedule and won’t be able to go with friends any more. Presumably by then I’ll be in the habit and won’t have trouble continuing on my own.  

Work has slowed down a bit. More accurately, my class ended, which frees up 15 hours of work time for me. I don’t know whether work slowed down because I was teaching all those hours, or if perhaps it’s good that I’ve been teaching all those hours because my other work slows down in the summer.

Either way, Monday was a holiday and Tuesday was all about grading and paperwork, but then we got going on some internal projects. I’m doing ebooks for our educational site.

#1 daughter ran some numbers and calculated that this could be a profitable product for us, so we’re risking the time and money involved.

The thing about a service business is that you can only increase the income of the business by working more hours. The thing about a product is that you have to put in the time and money for design and production up front, in hopes that it will pay off.

We’ll see what happens. I’m enjoying it, but whether we’ll be able to pay the boys’ tuition next month remains suspenseful.

The other notable thing this week is that I’ve now been at Xanga for seven years. Clearly, I should have just paid for a life membership instead of paying year by year. When I started here, I had just learned the word “blog,” and now I am a professional blogger, writing every week about things like home security systems and software. Amazing. My own blog has certainly suffered.