Yesterday we made like tourists.

Actually, I did get up and work till #2 daughter woke up. We had planned to visit the City Market, but by the time she woke up I’d been awake for several hours, so I suggested that we have breakfast first.

Accordingly, we went to this nice creperie and feasted on crepes filled with things like asparagus and Black Forest ham while coming up with a timeline for #2 daughter’s next year.

#1 daughter has done the same. Perhaps I should, too.

In any case, we got all the details worked out, and breakfast eaten, and then we set out on a shopping mission.

It is Brain Week over at the educational blog next week. (We just finished Fairy Tale Week.) Quite coincidentally, we did last week’s math centers video with #2 daughter in a shirt that said “Mathematics,” so we decided that we should find a brain shirt for her to do this week’s videos in.

How hard could it be to find a brain shirt? Very hard, actually. We fairly quickly downgraded our expectations to anything at all to do with a brain.

There was quite a bit of shopping involved, actually, and I ended up with a minuscule pot of almond face cream from l’Occitane and a pressed glass juice glass from Anthropologie, as well as a real scoop on books at Half Price Books (with educator discount).

We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, grabbed the supplies for the videos, and came back to #2 daughter’s loft to create our videos.

Shortly thereafter, my husband arrived and he and #2 daughter settled in to watch spy movies. Today we’re heading home.