I’m not sure what we did yesterday morning. I got up early and worked a bit, and when my hostess arose we had eggs and tamales, fruit salad, and yogurt, plus tea and conversation, and then suddenly it was 3:00.

At that point we went to an Italian bakery to get ingredients for dinner, plus an assortment of cakes, and got ready for rehearsal.

The plan was to have rehearsal at 4:00, followed by dinner. You’re probably thinking that we were running late. I went out to the patio to get basil and chopped stuff and tidied up, thinking we would still be chopping when the other musicians arrived. No such thing. They started rolling up around 5:30. We had everything ready and were relaxing with knitting.

We rehearsed for a couple of hours, and then had pasta with lots of vegetables, fresh mozzarella, and shrimp. Salad, too, with tomatoes and basil, and then we brought out the little cakes and took slices from them so that each of us had several different kinds. This misrepresents the situation, really. Half the people in the group didn’t eat wheat, so they were goading the rest of us on to try all of them and report. I have a picture of the cakes for you, when I can put my camera into communication with my computer.

One of the instrumentalists had met that morning with a birder from Michigan, in order to check on a piece of land to see whether it had endangered birds. Interesting job, huh? This guy apparently flies all over the country, checking for endangered birds before construction projects. I had never heard of a professional birdwatcher before.

He was telling me about this because it was his experience with an Easterner like me. I must have looked startled, because he then said, “Or Midwesterner.” I offered “Southerner” kindly. I’m from California myself and I understand the geographical confusion. There’s California and the rest of the West, which is to say Oregon and Washington, there’s New York, and everything in between is just a vague blur, possibly containing wheat.

After dinner we got back to rehearsal. Delicate questions such as where the instrumental break should be and whether the fiddle or the  slide guitar should be employed in this song or that occupied us till late-for-me.

This afternoon we have another rehearsal just for the vocalists so we can tighten up our harmonies.