7 There was no hike yesterday.

Instead, #2 daughter and I went to the fabric store to complete the shopping for #1 son’s quilt.

Here are the fabrics, and I am using the traditional “Patience Corners” pattern. This is a block that uses two squares inside borders, and the print with the cool little Celtic knot squares will furnish just two squares per block.

Not that I am about to start a new quilt, let’s face it. But #2 daughter is the only person I know who would willingly come with me to find the perfect solid color to go with the prints. She was also the one who could help figure out how much fabric was needed and how to distribute the fabrics.7

This is one of those blocks that can look very different depending how you arrange it: see here and here.

We then went to buy the birthday vacuum cleaner, and had a call from an old friend of #2 daughter’s asking us to  meet him for coffee, which we did. While there, I had a call from Partygirl asking us to drop in for mimosas, which we also did.

Next was lunch with my parents, and then we worked a bit on the book proposal, and rounded out the day with a long session of Scrabble.

In and among these activities, I got a little more done on Erin, which continues to vie for the title of World’s Longest-Running WIP.

Today we have a lot of church and music. We have not yet arranged any cake, so that has to happen in there somewhere.