The Farmers’ Market yielded melon, squash, honey, eggs, nectarines, blackberries, and a hug from #2 son, who was on the square with his fellow Institute-attendees, giving away marigolds. We were too late for a marigold, but the hug was worth a good deal more.

Later, we had a fine thunderstorm which lessened the temperature significantly. I like thunderstorms, myself, though they certainly do slow the traffic at the store. The Poster Queen and I were able to take care of some little chores and enjoy the sound of the rain. We each even took a moment to go out and stand under the awning breathing in all those extra ions. Aah.

This morning we get to take #2 son to breakfast (though his roomie’s parents did not give permission for him to join us), and then #2 daughter and I sing a duet in church. The time is going to be a little tricky, I fear, since we have to be at the church early to practice with the organist.

Later in the day there will have to be some housework, and there will probably also be some knitting.

Here are Picot and Brooklyn. Both are from Denim People, and designed for Rowan Denim, but Picot is being knitted in Plymouth Stone Cotton and Brooklyn in Den-M-Nit. Both are on #3 needles. Neither is staining or hurting our hands, as some knitters have complained that Rowan Denim does. So far, both yarns seem to be a good alternative for the Denim.