We went yesterday to pick #2 son up from his Summer Institute in architecture. There was a nice ceremony, and exhibits of all the various projects the kids had worked on.

I am not sure that I would have identified this as a “primitive hut,” but I liked it. A primitive greenhouse, perhaps.

#2 son’s group did a good job on it, in any case. They learned a good bit about what architecture is and what architects do.

I also liked this display of sutures from the physiology group. I was surprised to learn that mattress stitch is a popular one for sutures. I suppose that this gives surgeons a leg up on their knitting.

I also liked their comparative physiology thing with human and dolphin bones.

The “how to be insanely rich” group had all decided to invest 10-15% of their income from age 25 in a diversified portfolio, and their numbers convinced me.

We are glad to have #2 son back. It is pleasant also to have Dr. Drew here, though I must report that our game of WordThief deteriorated into random throwing of chips and cards. I do not think that Dr. Drew was the one who was throwing them; in fact, he might have been the only one who was not. Still, it has never happened before.

A couple of random pictures of the campus here.

It was a beautiful day for walking around.

Following the ceremony, we checked #2 son out of his dorm and came on home.

I spent the afternoon reading and knitting, and have finished the third skein of yarn for Brooklyn. I have begun the decreases for the raglan. It seems abnormal to knit a raglan in pieces, but I have this picture from the book to convince me that it will work. The pattern just says to “decrease” with no suggestions for a method. I am keeping a k1 selvedge and using paired decreases — sskpso on the right and k2tog on the left.