Here it is: my picture from this weekend that has no recognizable people in it.

We enjoyed the conference this weekend. It was a good time to touch base with local colleagues and professional contacts. Quite fun, with good learning sessions and friendly conversations and stuff like that.

Now I’m tired. Tomorrow I’ll be writing pithy blog posts about things I’ve learned.

I will tell you all the things I wouldn’t mention in a blog post with my name on it.

Such as, my kids and my serious strategic partners flicked ice at each other and played silly games with their phones.

We were once again the cool kids’ table.

There was one conference attendee who greeted our friend Fedora with obscene gestures. I never did get what was wrong with her.

One fellow wore rubber shoes with toe divisions and told me at length about his play about a slug and a saltine cracker.

“Has the play already been written?” I asked. He admitted that it had not. “Then there’s still time not to write it, ” I assured him.

People kept talking about bathrooms.

At one point, a whole crowd of us got helplessly giggly over this video.