7 We enjoyed yesterday’s movie.

When I was young, we used to go to the movies because there was air conditioning there.

I mentioned this to my kids as we were leaving the cool theater for the sweltering outdoors, and they laughed at me. Apparently, any story beginning with, “When I was a child…” is automatically very funny.

#1 son began saying, “When I was your age…” in a high quavery voice.

Today someone will be taking #2 son back to Governor’s School (which you can see in the picture), but I hope I won’t be involved in it at all. I have two church services, and in one I have to play the dreaded handbells. I have that top cut out (from royal blue cotton interlock) and I want to sew it together. And I also have to clean up from the long weekend.7

These pictures are of the college where Governor’s School takes place. It is quite a nice college. It began as a boys’ school in 1825 or so (I’d have to look it up to be accuate, and I’m too lazy to do that right now) and has grown into one of those little private liberal arts colleges that wins awards. I’d like to see #2 go there, or to the similar school that #2 daugher went to.

#1 daughter starts next month at the local university, where both she and #1 son wasted some time attempting to be students. She is more prepared this time, and I am sure she will do fine. And of course it wasn’t the school’s fault that they didn’t do well to begin with. But it does seem to me that both of them would have had a better chance at success if they had been at a smaller school where someone was paying some attention.

Both #2 son and #2 daughter went to Governor’s School and similar programs. It seems to me that #2 daughter felt more at ease at college, and less ready to give up when she got homesick, perhaps because she had already had the experience of living in the dorms and going to class, in a setting with lots of extra support.

I heard from #2 daughter, by the way. She emailed saying “We reached Italy. Having a wonderful time!” I envision a situation in which all the singers were lined up waiting their turns at the computer.