The books for this week’s Summer Reading Challenge were Marne Davis Kellogg’s Perfect, which was quite fun, and Steve McDermott’s How to be a Complete and Utter Failure at Life, Work, and Everything. The second is a book for review from Amazon Vine. While it has a bunch of jokes about Yorkshiremen which were rather lost on me (maybe Pink Hebe can fill us in on the stereotype of Yorkshire on knowledge of which these jokes relied), there also were plenty of witty bits. It got slightly confusing, since it was written as “Don’t develop any goals” and so on, but then had segments where McDermott dropped that affected gimmick and wrote sincerely. I didn’t actually lose track, of course, but as a reviewer I noticed the requirement of mental shifting.

I read the funniest and most interesting bits of this book aloud in the car to my family until they forced me to stop.

It almost caused me to commit boldly to self-employment.