I did some fancy sewing yesterday,but #1 son has my camera at the rock festival, so I can’t show it to you.

These are the fabrics I was working with: a crinkled sheer print and a lining.

I hemmed the skirt and began making the top. I’ll add a picture of the pattern so you can see it.

The lining and the fitting were both pretty challenging, but now I have just the sleeves and the hem for the top, and it’s quite pretty.

I also worked on the homework for my Photoshop class. We’ve gotten to the chapter on blend and gradients, which I’m finding fairly thrilling.

So far we’ve been copying stuff and following instructions ( “Open PS4-4. Use the eyedropper tool to sample the color at x70 y154. Use the fill bucket to…”). It looks as though we’re actually going to get to — gasp — choose a color or something on this assignment.

I also worked, actually. All morning. And cleaned house a bit. Not a lot, but enough to feel as though I had improved things slightly.

My cleaner has quit. I don’t think it’s my fault, since she has a ganglion cyst. She had to cut back, but of course she also had to choose whom to cut back. #1 son says it’s because I never remembered when she was coming and therefore never cleaned up for her.

It’s certainly true that it’s easier to clean thoroughly if there isn’t stuff in the way. You can’t expect a person to dust surfaces if they all have books and sports gear on them. However, she was able to scrub the bathrooms and the kitchen floor and vacuum so that I felt that there was some maintenance being done.

Without her, I’ll have to do those things myself. Sigh.

Church today, and I expect to finish the top, so my 2-piece dress will be completed. Possibly I will also finish the associated jacket. If so, I’ll be 36% finished with the SWAP.