I did the first lesson in the Craftsy tailoring class yesterday: cutting and marking. I did it right, including going out and buying the right kind of lining instead of figuring I’d wait till later, marking all the notches accurately, and marking the circles with tailor’s tacks. I can see that just making this effort could improve my results immeasurably, since I’ve always been a lazy cutter, but it did take me all afternoon.

This is the jersey cardigan I sewed a while back when I didn’t have access to a camera. It turned out quite well. The print is wilder than I would normally wear, but I like how mineral-like it looks. I show it in order to demonstrate the kind of jacket I could make in the amount of time I spent cutting and marking the tailored jacket correctly.



I also spent a little time in the garden, encouraging the baby vegetables.


I also sort of went on that hike I planned. This is the lake where the hiking trail reputedly is.

This is the nearest thing to a trail that I was able to find:

I checked the map when I got home, and the proper trail is on the other side of a gate which was marked “Authorized Personnel Only.” I will try to find the correct entry point in future.

Not today, though, because I have to work. Clients are politely demanding their stuff.