We spent all of yesterday morning doing errands. We went to the farmers’ market, where we met friends, admired dogs and children, bought eggs, bread, fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and also got in a little bit of a walk. We finished up at the LYS, where we were able to admire lots of novelty yarns, but not to buy a set of handles for the gray Sophie bag, nor a couple of skeins of non-variegated sock yarn. We still enjoyed the visit, squeezing and patting the yarns and admiring their sample pieces.
Next stop was the Co-op, the local health food store, where we replenished our supplies of bulk foods and did a search for hot chocolate mixes which were not produced by child labor. There were not many choices, so the idea of blind taste tests is currently on the shelf. However, there are at least two choices. Since I live in such a small town, I am sure that you, too, can make this change if you need to. I think that a few dozen people will come and read this, so that will be a few dozen people who are aware of this problem. (Don’t know what I am talking about? Go to stolenchildhoods.org and get up to speed.) Then, if each of you will just mention this to one other person, we will all have done something toward making a solution. We also bought fair trade coffee, another simple step that we can all take.
We also visited the library, the crafts store, where we were able to find a set of handles for the gray Sophie, the video game store, the grocery, the bank, the pharmacy, and a couple of clothing stores for #1 son’s swim trunks. Just for the record, that is way too many errands for me.
Arriving home, we surrendered to sloth. We watched videos and knitted and ate junk food all afternoon. I put our vacation photos in the scrapbook at one point, and cut back the raggedy sailors (you may also know them as cornflowers or bachelor’s buttons or centaurea) that were growing to unseemly heights in the front border, and #2 daughter made some phone calls. The guys all went out with friends after a bit. But mostly we lazed. It must be summer.
I would show you my knitting, but xanga still will not allow me to do so. Sigh.
Well, happy Father’s Day to you all. We intend to make this dessert:

#2 Daughter’s Chocolate Nemesis

2 sticks butter, 12 oz 70% bittersweet chocolate, 5 large eggs, 1 c sugar, 7 T water

Grease cake pan and line with parchment paper. Melt chocolate in double boiler and remove from heat. Beat eggs with 1/3 c sugar until mixture forms a ribbon. Heat remaining sugar with water over moderately low heat, stirring till syrup is clear. Pour into chocolate, stirring to combine, and then cool 10 minutes. Add chocolate and eggs slowly, beating till combined. Pour into cake pan. Set pan into water bath and bake at 300 degrees for 1 hour, till set. Cool completely before removing pan from water bath. Turn out and serve.

With morally irreproachable chocolate, of course.