Okay, I admit I’m eating at my desk, but at least it’s good stuff.

I didn’t work at all yesterday. Or at least not more than an hour so so.  Otherwise I did things like grocery shopping, housework, and planning a quilt for #1 son.

I’m using the Celtic Illuminations set of quilt fabrics, and I have 60 little Celtic knot squares plus fat quarters of four related prints and some coordinating solids, so I got out all my quilt pattern books and looked through them in search of a pattern involving 60 squares and not requiring any further yardage of the same pattern.

I finally determined to make a quilt with 60 nine patch blocks, using a fancy square for the center of each block and combining print and solids in the other eight blocks. This doesn’t actually narrow the options down a whole lot, since it describes Shoo Fly, Churn Dash, Ohio Star, and probably hundreds of other blocks, but it’s a start.

While doing this, I watched What About Brian on Netflix instant watch. This is a show about people having lots of serious problems, which is not usually my sort of thing, but I really like the characters and the way they respond to their problems. Even when they’re being stupid and/or evil.

Yesterday was my first Saturday at home since #1 son moved out. I was thinking that this would mean that I would have the car. I was imagining that I’d go to to the farmers market and the fabric store and walk on one of the hiking trails. In fact, #1 son texted me quite early asking to borrow the car for the weekend, so that didn’t happen. Instead, I zoomed to the store, bought about half the things on my list, and zoomed over to the boy’s new place to give him the car.

Among the things I didn’t buy but should have was a new teakettle. I read a novel once in which the lady of the manor routinely put kettles on and then went off to do something while the water boiled, forgetting said kettle and letting it boil dry. In the novel, the butler would simply get a new kettle from the pantry and set fresh water to boiling. I have no butler, so I have to get new kettles every now and then.

In my defense, the most recent kettle had no whistle (this must be why it was so cheap), so it was to blame nearly as much as I am. Really.

I’m now thinking, since I didn’t buy the new kettle yet, that I should consider an electric kettle, which I could put in the office, which is where I inevitably am when the kettle boils dry in the kitchen. My office space is so nice now, needing only a few more things done with it for perfection, that it seems quite reasonable to put a kettle in.

The things needed to bring my office space to a more perfect state all require time and money and the use of tools, so they probably won’t happen soon.

Nonetheless, I did make a little beginning at getting the house to look like a place where only grownups live. This may take me a little while, and my husband really thinks we should just move to a smaller place instead, so we’ll see what happens.

When my husband got home from work, we planted some flowers in the front garden. He had removed all the perennials which #2 son and I planted there a decade ago, so the usual lovely May show didn’t happen. I did, however, plant four o’clocks in long planters and they are looking hale and hearty, so we put them into the front garden in the bare places.

The work involved in this left me with a bright red face healthy glow and might have been as good as taking a bit of a hike.