Here we have the before and after office pictures.


It isn’t that impressive, is it?


I did some measuring and research and thinking at the beginning of the process, and discovered that I could easily put a 47.5″ desk (that seems to be one of the standard sizes) and a 36″ cabinet with lateral file into the space currently occupied by my ragtag assortment of office furniture.

With tuition, however, I decided that doing that will have to be a future goal, and kept the Early Thrift Store look. I moved things around a bit (one priority was making the trundle bed accessible for the girls’ visits) and added a whimsical touch with Dragon furniture stickers.

A whimsical touch doesn’t necessarily improve the Early Thrift shop look. It can make it look not as though you have a goal to buy some furniture some day, but as though you did it on purpose.

The new bookshelf is pretty cute, though. That’s an electronic picture frame up there, not a blank one.

The workspace is cleaner, tidier, and more practical.

And I did spend hours filing. I should probably just have shown you the inside of the filing cabinet. So there is definitely a net improvement from the point of view of work, even if it doesn’t look any more like a place where Success would like to hang out.